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The village also supported two churches ó a United Church from 1932 to 1961 and a Roman Catholic church from 1944 to 1967. The two churches were considered the focal point for the entire regionís important social events. They still stand today, but are gradually being withered away by time and the elements.
Dorothy's Two Churches: Catholic and United
© Johnnie Bachusky
Dorothy's Two Churches: Catholic (leftt) and United (right). The hamletís two churches, which served both United Church and Catholic area residents, have been closed for decades.
Dorothy United Church Dorothy Catholic Church
© Johnnie Bachusky
© Johnnie Bachusky
The hamletís Catholic Church closed in 1967, a victim of Dorothyís dwindling population and a shortage of priests.
The hamletís United Church held its last service in 1961.
Interior of United Church
Dorothy United Church - 1930
© Johnnie Bachusky
Inside Dorothyís crumbling United Church, once the focal point for scores of area weddings and christenings.
Dorothy United Church
Dorothyís United Church, pictured here in 1930, closed forever in 1961. Photo courtesy of the Dorothy Community.
© Johnnie Bachusky
Dorothy's United Church as it stands today.