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Very little remains today of Canmore’s coal mining history, and there is not one single historic memorial plaque anywhere in the town to note the industry nor the sacrifice and toil of the coal miners who served in the town for nearly 100 years. All photos courtesy of the Centennial Museum Society of Canmore.
NorthWest Mounted Police-1893
Canmore's Main Street-1924
Canmore’s Main Street in 1924.
A Mountie at the site of the North West Mounted Police Barracks in 1893. The barracks, not yet built in this picture, still stand today and is a centre piece for the local museum.
Canmore Coal Train-1962
Canmore Mine-1935

Trains carrying coal were once a regular site in Canmore. This area, from a photograph taken in 1962, is now fully redeveloped with new housing to support Canmore’s current tourism industry.

The main mining buildings in Canmore
around 1935. Only a small trace of the tipple foundation can be found today, below a massive housing complex.