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Assorted foundation ruins and relics of Anthracite.
Anthracite's former main street A piece of old landscaping equipment lying on a field that was once the Main Street of Anthracite.
Building foundation
One of the few remaining building foundations left at Anthracite. Cascade Mountain is in the background.
@ Johnnie Bachusky
@ Johnnie Bachusky
Right: Part of the wood flood-control walls built around the turn of the 20th century. Anthracite was once victim to devastating floods by the nearby Cascade River. Foundation ruins
Foundation ruins
Left: A wooden foundation (foreground) is all that remains of a commercial building at Anthracite, probably built in the 1880s.
@ Johnnie Bachusky @ Johnnie Bachusky
Right: A water pipe pokes out of an old coal slag at Anthracite's former mine site. Coal slag
Lumber relics
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Above: A child's truck toy is rusting away on top of a pile of long-forgotten lumber at Anthracite.
@ Johnnie Bachusky