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Several people however, struggled on into the 1930s as the town was gradually dismantled. Many buildings were transported to nearby towns, including Tilley and Rolling Hills. In 1931, a census revealed a population of 81. However, the decline accelerated from there, and on January 31, 1936, Alderson, by provincial Order-in-Council, was officially dissolved as a village. It belonged to the ghosts.

Livery building
Crumbling livery building
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Alderson's final ruins are falling into the ground. Soon it will be impossible for visitors to find the site.

Foundation ruins
© Johnnie Bachusky
The forces of nature are pummeling Alderson's long-forgotten livery to the ground.
Left: The vast number of foundations still left at the Alderson site is unique for ghost towns in Alberta as structures in many other pioneer settlements were built of wood. However, at Alderson, many of the building foundations were constructed with concrete, suggesting pioneers had planned a long lasting future for the town. It was not to be.
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Foundation ruins with CPR section house in background CPR section house
© Johnnie Bachusky © Johnnie Bachusky
The crumbling concrete remains of a building foundation at Alderson.
A former CPR section house is in the background.
The CPR section house is the last standing structure at the former Alderson townsite. Although the building is now the permanent home to birds and other wildlife, it has frequently been the site over the past 50 years for area school graduation parties.
A few residents remained with a post office, a store and a school through the 1940s. All were boarded in the 1950s. In the late 1970s, the last remaining structure from the town's business section, the Woollven store, was burned down by vandals.
Remains of Steed's Garage Steed's Garage
© Johnnie Bachusky © Johnnie Bachusky
The slowly vanishing ruins of Frank Steed's garage. The site of Steed's Garage is now only a hidden pit in
the prairie.
Every once in a while, a train will pass by the site of Steed's Garage. Across the track is the former site of Alderson (Carlstadt).